Unity is strengh

Haitians since 1804, regardless of their background, their education, regardless of the state of their wealth, where they live or what they do to make a living, at some point in time always talk about unity. What a pride to say Unity is Strength. But, what is the meaning of Unity is Strength. 



Unity means oneness, or togetherness. When there is oneness there is likely to be more strength in opinion, more strength in action, and more strength in character.

For example: If you take a stick, it could break easily.
But when you take a bundle of sticks, it will be harder to break. This is the unique power of unity.

Among Haitians, we often heard “HOW COME WE ARE SO DIVIDED”. Why not? Some of you may not agree; but truly, have we ever been united. We did it once in 1804, but not willfully. The mulattoes got together (unite) with the blacks because everyone knew at the time that was the only way out of slavery. They unite because they did not had a choice. The unity we had did not last, because only after three years of freedom, we were killing each other for power.

History tells us that in January 1807, only three years after we became a free nation, General Henri Christophe declared himself President and Commander-In-Chief of the armies of land and sea of the State of Haïti (The Northern Section) and Alexandre Pétion became President of the "Republic of Haïti (The Southern Section) backed by General Jean-Pierre Boyer who had control of the southern armies.

Everyone of us must have heard the well known proverb "Unity is strength". And, no country which is run by internal dimensions and divisions can stand against enemies. Division and lack of unity always ends in disaster.

It is good to say Unity is Strength but “Action is better than word”. Therefore ask yourself: When was the last time I help a fellow Haitian? When was the last time I made a difference in my family or in my community? If you can answer that question, I salute you!

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